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You can begin the Illinois Permanent Employee Registration Card process by downloading and printing  the PERC card application (see the link on the left).  The application contains all of the information you need to fill it out.  Once the application is completed, send it to the State of Illinois, along with a check or money order for $55.00, the address is also on the application.  Then you must submit your fingerprints to the State of Illinois for a background check, there is also a fee of $55-60 dollars, through a LiveScan operator.  The application also contains a list of all the LiveScan operators in Illinois, find the one that's most convenient  to you.  Illinois also requires security officers to successfully complete an unarmed private security officer 20 hour basic training.  RM Global Security conducts classes for the required 20 hour training, and also for the 40 hour armed security officer training.  Contact us for the next available classes.

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  • State of Illinois Concealed Carry
  • Other States Non-resident Concealed Carry
  • Self Defense and the Law
  • NRA Courses
  • Private Training Available
  • Ladies Only Training
  • Defcon-1 Tactical Pistol Courses
  • Corporate Team Building Events
  • State of Illinois Certified Security Courses

Our professionally-taught course takes an in-depth look at Illinois' laws relating to the carrying and use of a deadly weapon or firearm, and develops within the student the knowledge and attitude necessary to undertake the enormous responsibility that comes with carrying a concealed firearm in public.

In this comprehensive class, your instructor will take the time to make sure that you feel comfortable with a firearm that you're likely to carry as a concealed weapons permit holder, and give you the opportunity to get sufficient 'trigger time' to gauge your proficiency and correct any potential issues early on. All range tactics are taught FIRST in the classroom in the firearms safety and mechanical operation portions of the program.

As with all of our civilian firearms programs, the concealed weapons permit class is taught by certified State of Illinois firearms instructors. 

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